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About our Founder

We're big on making clients successful and deliver on their promises, not about being at the front. We typically operate in the shadows. Confidentiality is paramount for most of our clients, so this is the only page you'll find information about our finder.

Hello, I'm Janemarie

I started my career working in the Music industry, where I was fortunate to meet and work with some of the world's most talented artists. These relationships developed (slowly) into friendships. After my maternity leave I started 'doing favours' and be trusted by some of the artists, helping them with their shopping needs and party plans...I never looked back.

I'm a Londoner, keen traveller, fanatic shopper and am blessed to have found a way to make my life long passion my own job. Next time you see somebody lurking around and buying frantically in some quirky bazaar of antique market, that'll be me!